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Moringa Leaf
Siam Weed


Recommended Food Ingredients
Strained porridge, bread, mashed potatoes, flour that is processed into porridge, tender meat, liver, chicken, finely ground fish, boiled eggs, fried eggs, eggs in the team, boiled tofu in the team, juiced vegetables, fruit juice, sugar, salt.
How to cook: boiling and steaming or in steams.
• Drink at least 2 liters of water a day (it is recommended
when you wake up and before going to bed drink a glass of water).

NOT Recommended Food Ingredients
Mashed rice, glutinous rice, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, cake, lunkhead, processed sweet cakes, coarse fibrous meat, fried preserved fish chicken, fried eggs, shrimp, other seafood shellfish, milk and dairy products, peanuts, red beans, peas, tolo beans, green beans, soybeans, tempeh, oncom, whole fresh vegetables, whole fruit, strong coffee tea, alcoholic beverages, coke, onions, chilies, ginger, pepper, coriander, vinegar , sharp spices.

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